18 03 2008

Yesterday afternoon I needed to do some reading so I decided to try out the newest coffee bar in Tyler. Caffe Tazza officially opened for business January 1st of this year. Caffe Tazza is not commercialized the way Starbuck’s has become, and the coffee is amazing. You’ll pay about 30 cents more for a cup of coffee, but you get free refills and free internet. Starbuck’s by contrast charges per cup and has a contract with T-Mobile for internet. I’ve wanted to have a place here in town to go read, reflect, and chill for a while. Maybe now I’ve found my “third-place.”



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11 04 2008

I know you told me on the phone but it is cool for you to find that third place. I have been thinking lately about what it would be like if you at least personally felt like a city was your third place. What if you became one with the city God has given you to the point that you intentionally make relationships with nearly everyone you come in contact with.

8 05 2008

Sounds like a really cool place! Michael said it was pretty neat when y’all went and got sandwiches. I totally forgot about bible study on tuesday night amid the studying and I still made B’s on those tests… frustrating!!! Hope you’ve had a good week!

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