Feels Like A Lifetime

4 10 2007

I’ve been so busy lately with living life that I haven’te had time to write about it. Basically, the shortened version of it is that I am still living in Tyler (as well as doing ministry here), and I will be here for the forseeable future. I feel like God isn’t through with me here, and He continues to give me vision and direction for the collegiate minstry of Friendly Baptist. That excites me and tells me that I’m where I need to be.

We launched Celebrate Recovery for our college students in hopes of seeing them overcome some of the pain and hurt in their lives. It’s been what I would consider a success so far. The idea is that once they finish going through the material, they might feel the need and have the desire to reach their classmates with the message of hope and healing that God offers. We’re looking forward to possibly moving the CR to campus sometime early next semester. I would love to see our students reach the campus of TJC with that simple message.

I’m so proud of our freshmen this year. They are so open to new ideas and are consistantly inviting their friends to be a part of what’s going on here. They are silently being an awesome example to the older students.

Last week @ theGathering (where we are doing Celebrate Recovery now) we discussed the idea that we are powerless to control the circumstances that occur in our lives, but we do have control over how we react to the circumstances in our lives. One of the small group questions was as follows: “How is worry the opposite of worship?” That question is short but incredibly profound. When we worship God, we are magnifying Him. We are agreeing with Him that He is big, powerful, and awesome. When we worry about a problem or circumstance in our lives, we are deciding that the problem/circumstance is big, powerful, and awesome. Worry magnifies the problem/circumstance. Worship magnifies God. Worship is the opposite of worry. When we worry we tell God that He is too small, weak, and defeated by the situation. That thought makes me ask this question of myself, “Which message do I normally communicate to God?”

Almost There!

9 05 2007

It’s Wednesday morning, and graduation is on Saturday. I’m really trying to not get excited about it yet, but that is really hard to do. I’m taking Thursday afternoon off so I can get some stuff ready for the weekend. I’m spending the whole weekend with my parents, and going to The Village on Sunday morning for Mother’s Day. That is such a weird weekend to have graduation on, but I definitely don’t want to postpone it a week!

Last night we did “On-Location.” That’s what we call it when we don’t have worship through music or Bible study, instead we go to either UTT or TJC and meet a need of some kind for the students living on campus. We try to do it once a month so that we’re not just hoarding ourselves up in a room all the time doing our Christian thing and not showing our mission field that we care about them. Last night we passed out scantrons since it’s finals week. There was a pretty good response! We got permission to go in 3 dorms (West, Lewis, and Claridge), and we handed some out to students that we passed on the sidewalks while walking to and from the van. We had cookies with us to give out as well. We won’t be able to do it again until the Fall, but I hope that we’ve started something that the school will want us to continue.

I heard a question asked that has haunted me, and I’m going to post it on here and then I guess I’m through for now. Here it is: Do I simply agree with Biblical truth, or does that agreement morph into complete obedience? 

Trial and Error

28 03 2007

trialanderror.jpgI’m not good at the trial and error game. I think that has to do with the fact that I’m not really a patient person. Although it seems for the most part that I end up waiting a while for the things that I want. Maybe I should work on the patience thing a little. You know what they say though, if you ask for patience you may end up like Job. I’ve never really understood that though because yeah, life sucked for him for quite a while, but in the end he was tremendously blessed. Anyway, I’m getting off subject now.

The reason that I’m writing is to say that God really dealt with me last night as I was laying in bed. I began to wonder if there was something that I could do to better reach the college campuses here in uttyler-logo.jpgTyler. I think there is. Maybe it’s time for me to be open to the trial and error of college ministry. If something works then continue it, but if it doesn’t then stop it. We’re going to start taking one Tuesday a month for the rest of the semester, which will actually only be two opportunities left this semester, tjc-logo.gifand go to the dorms and simply serve. I taught last night on Matthew 5:1-3 and in small groups we’ll talk more tonight about that. I realized last night that this will be a lot of talk about something, and that is a good thing. I am leading my students to have an awareness that we should be poor in spirit, but I need to lead my students in the action also. It’s easy to lead in conversation about what we should be doing, but it is hard to lead in action.

My goal in this is to provide a forum for students to be lead in the action of kingdom work as they are being taught about kingdom work. Not only will this be an opportunity for students to do kingdom work, but it will be a great way to minister to the community that we are in. Who knows, God may even open doors for us to share the message of hope found in Christ with someone whom He has prepared in advance for us.

I think this has the potential to really become something that the students look forward to each month. That’s my prayer at least.